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The Hummingbird Foundation

The Hummingbird Foundation

The Hummingbird Foundation (HBF) is a charitable company registered in England & Wales with the Registered Charity Number 1158622 and acts as the Operational Arm that strategically realises the Trust's goals. It was established by the Mathias family to support community action in combating trafficking in the 24 North and South Parganas in West Bengal (India). Though the scope of human trafficking is immense, HBF is committed to investing deeply within the communities it operates, and will therefore concentrate its work in this region. Initial research indicates that this is a particularly vulnerable source community – due to a complex confluence of development issues – and HBF is driven to building a comprehensive evidence base of good practice in this area.

The Foundation does not seek to implement programmes. Rather, it endeavours to foster robust partnerships with non-governmental organisations, government, donors and communities to capitalise on their strengths and bridge existing gaps between programmes and policy.  It sees itself as an enabler who can convene, communicate and collaborate for maximum impact. The Foundation also focuses on prevention, as it believes that unless the underlying causes are addressed, there will be a never-ending supply of vulnerable people, particularly girls, entering the trafficking cycle.